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As They Burn + Solitaris + Hurakan + Out Of My Eyes @ Petit Bain, Paris – 14/05/2023

We start off with a bang with Out Of My Eyes, who we are delighted to see again with a new album released last year. The arrival on stage is surprising with a hooded man armed to the teeth patrolling behind the musicians. In a few seconds, the Parisians show us that their new songs pass the test of live performance without effort! The fans are present and are already singing along to the songs, also throwing themselves into the first pits of the evening. A little later, Coco Craveiro (vocals) alternates between screaming vocals and a physical assault on the masked man before helping him to his feet and giving him a hug. We knew it was acting but the staging works very well! Musically, the band is still going strong and just keeps on going up. The band also offers a feat with Alex from Solitaris. This short half hour set ends with a last song that gives everyone the opportunity to give their voices one last time! A great performance that only confirms Out Of My Eyes‘ position in our favourite bands of this French core scene!

Report par Victor BRUNERIE

Photos par Marye DAVENNE


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