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Since 2014 - Now                

It is in 2014 that Loïc Lemonnier (guitarist) decided to start his first musical project. Originally from Cergy, a city near Paris located in a county called Val d’Oise, he recorded a demo that he showed to Benjamin Ledoux (drummer) whom was really interested in joining the project. Shortly after, they posted recruitment announcements to complete the band and this is when Corentin Craveiro (lead vocals) saw one of them and answered it. Loïc and Benjamin, surprised by Corentin’s voice and charisma, proposed him to join the band which leads to the birth of Out Of My Eyes. 


With the integration of two new members, Raul Mad (guitarist) and Jérémy Tabourdeau (bassist), OOME released their first EP “BLACKOUT”, available online in 2015. Then they started to play in multiple Parisian concert halls, and then in the entire country to show people their world. 


Thereafter they decided to work on their musical genre and composition techniques by adding samples, drop bass (...), and released their single “Fear // Weakness” featured Alex-Vincent Rey (Our Theory) which was produced by Harry Maisonneuve (Efficient Records Studio). To celebrate, OOME got on stage of La Flèche d’Or with the americans from Attila and franco-americans from Shoot The Girl First. 


From the end of 2014 to early 2016, the band played many times with other bands such as The Color Moral, Kingdom of Giants, Continents...Soon after Jérémy decided to quit. In February 2016, at the same time as they started recruiting, OOME was proposed their first tour in support of Shoot The Girl First. Then Benoit (bassist) met the group and he was quickly include in. They went touring for around 20 dates, all over Europe (Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Germany, Switzerland).


Soon after the tour, it is now the turn of Raul Mad and Benjamin to leave the band and so they started recruiting again. Thibaud Poully (drummer) replaced Benjamin and Harry Maisonneuve replaced Raul Mad as guitarist and back-singer.


Out Of My Eyes began to compose much more than before, and this is when they took an artistic turn and completely innovated their genre. Now we can hear Corentin rap sometimes,trap drums and samples, and even some clean vocals, which was unimaginable a few years ago. From all of this came out their single “Pigs Never Die” in october 2017. The band went back on the Parisians stages in the company of DreamShade, Bad Omens (France and Switzerland) but also Crystal Lake (Japanese Metalcore).


Thibaud decided to leave the group and Guillaume Cellarius (Drummer session) started working with the band. 


After many hours composing and recording in studios, it is in January 2018 that OOMESQUAD (new band nickname) presented their art with the release of their first album called “CONCEPT” via Imminence Records (USA) and the music video of “404” and really quick, they went in Russia to support Of Mice & Men for their tour. 

These shows were the lasts for Harry.


One year later, Jean-Baptiste Paon became the new drummer, Loïc replaced Harry for back vocals and they recruited their new lead guitarist, Andréas Wallet.

Out Of My Eyes, with a whole new formation, now come back with their new single “Play It Back” and the new video clip " Future "...

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